We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started!

Many new members tell us that joining a fitness facility can be both an exciting and intimidating experience. Following are some of the most common questions members ask during their first month or two with us. If you have questions not included here or want help getting started, simply ask the first staff member you see. We’re all here to help you.

Do I have to check in at the front desk every time I come in?
Yes. Our check-in system is very simple and only takes a few seconds. Please scan your membership card at the front desk. Make sure you listen for any messages the computer may give you. If you forgot or lost your card ask the receptionist to check you in. This gives the receptionist an opportunity to welcome you. If you have any questions or concerns, this is a great time to get those addressed.

How do I get a locker or towel when I visit the gym?
Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Women’s lockers have keys you can pick up at the fitness desk. For the Men’s lockers you will need to provide your own lock. Lockers are provided for day use only; please do not leave any personal belongings overnight. Towels are available at the fitness desk. Please make sure you return your used towels to the dirty towel container. There are also small towels available throughout the fitness club to use during your workout.

How do I set an appointment for my first few workouts?
To help you get started on the right foot all new Personal Training members get an assessment with a trainer. During the assessment we will perform body strength and stability tests. These tests allow us to prescribe the appropriate exercise routine for your specific goals. Your trainer will set you up on your program, tailoring the length, frequency and type of workout to your individual needs. To schedule your workout, stop by or call the front desk. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call 24 hours in advance so we can reschedule both you and the trainer. It is important to set an appointment for your first assessment as soon as possible to make the most of your membership.

Where is my workout card stored?
Workout cards are stored in alphabetical order in a drawer in one of the storage cubicles. They are alphabetized to the first letter of your last name only. Take the card along with you when you work out if you like and return it when you are finished.

How do I learn how to use the equipment?
We have a lot of unique functional training equipment you won’t see at other gyms. It takes a while to learn how to use all of the tools and pieces of equipment. Your assessment will include instruction on enough of the equipment to get you started. If you have a question about a piece of equipment, please ask any floor trainer. If the trainers are busy, please let the front desk know you have some questions so the receptionist can notify a trainer for you.

Can I use the equipment when a personal training group or semi-private training sessions are running?
You are free to play with all of our toys! However, we are a personal training gym and training groups takes priority when it comes to the use of certain areas and functional training tools and equipment. Please don’t be offended if a trainer needs to take a piece of equipment away from you to run a session. There is an easy fix to this. Upgrade to one of the Personal Training Memberships and join the group!

What if someone is using a piece of equipment I also want to use?
You have a few choices:
• If you are doing a total body workout, you can move to the next machine and come back when this piece of equipment is free.
• You can ask how many sets the other member has left and either “work in” or wait until s/he is finished.
• To share equipment with another member or “work in”, simply ask, “May I work in?” While that person is resting, you can do your set. When you take your turn, finish your set or exercise in a timely manner. Then allow the other member a turn rather than resting on the equipment between sets.

When do I know it’s my turn to use a piece of cardio equipment?
We don’t set time limits nor do we use sign-up sheets because we usually have enough equipment available. If you are waiting for a specific piece of equipment, simply let the person on the machine know that you wish to go next. We also recommend you give some thought to your workout time so you have the best chance of coming when the club is the least busy. Our busiest times are usually in the early evening after work.

What do I do when I’m finished with a piece of equipment?
As a courtesy to other members, please wipe off the equipment with your towel. Please return all free weights to their proper places on the racks.