Learning and Growing

During one of our training sessions one of our members said something to me that has yet again inspired me to write a blog. The beautiful thing about the fitness business is that you forever continue to learn and grow.  As many of you know, Tony and I were recently in Atlanta meeting with some of the top trainers and gym owners in the country.  The purpose of the trip was to learn as much as we could to continue to deliver the results that our members expect and deserve.  We continue to grow our knowledge through training workshops, seminars, and schools.  We also learn everyday from you, our members.

One of our members recently said to me that one day she noticed how many different movements she performed throughout the day that could be related directly back to an exercise we had her perform in the gym.  She noticed while house cleaning she was lateral lunging.  While at work she was rotating the same way we do the limited rotations.  She was squatting, pulling, pushing, and bending throughout the day and noticed how efficient she was getting at these movements.   I explained that not only is weight loss achieved with the workouts by burning as many calories as possible, but also the type of training we perform was designed to improve her  mobility,  strength,  flexibility, and cardiovascular health;  all simultaneously.

I thought it was cool that one of our members noticed and could relate all of the exercises to everyday life.  Our members are learning and growing  with us!


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