TiVo / DVR Your Workouts!

Real world time commitments are definitely a factor in shaping our exercise programs. The bulk of our clients over the years have been regular people. For a national level bodybuilder, or any professional athlete for that matter, training is a way of life. Their entire eating, moving, and sleeping habits are built around supporting their training.

The majority of our members at PSF are real life working adults who have hectic schedules. Their lives are not designed to support their workouts. Most people we work with have serious time commitment issues. They can only get to the gym for three hours per week, or can only get two sessions in per week because of occupations and schedules. So, over the years we’ve come to realize that there are superior styles of training that make more sense or are far more effective with individuals that have time limits. We have had to change our programming and minimize or eliminate the old school version of training.

One of those old school styles are straight sets. We rarely do them.  For time management reasons, we always use the alternating set or, super set system. We do exercise one for a set, rest a few seconds or as much as needed, exercise two for a set, rest a few seconds or so, and continue. We’ve yet to hear a convincing argument for the superiority of straight sets in the situations I described.  Actually. it’s hard to find a convincing argument for straight sets in most situations.  Olympic and professional athletes from all sports, golfers following the exercise protocols from the Titleist Performance Institute, and people trying to lose weight as efficiently as possible on the Biggest Loser follow the same exercise principles that we do.

TiVo or, DVR is a digital video recorder that allows you to tape shows and watch them later. The beauty of it is that you can watch a one hour show, cut out the commercials, titles, and credits, and get all the meat of the show in about 40 minutes.  In other words, you eliminate the BS. You can either watch the same amount of TV in less time or you can get more TV in.

So, one of our philosophies is we try to eliminate the BS in the workouts. We time the rest periods to make sure they aren’t too short or too long. We sequence the exercises to maximize the benefits and eliminate any redundant movements. This allows us to shorten the workout and get you out of the gym faster, or to find more time for some more exercises for areas you want to focus on.

Eliminating any redundancy or wasted time in our clients’ workouts allows us to do what our clients expect us to do. Produce results in the most effective, efficient, safest, way possible!  Spend less time, get more out of it!



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